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At Turning Point Life Coaching, it’s your dreams, your goals, your values and your answers that are important. 

Imagine what it would be like to create the life you want.

Imagine what it would be like to create the life you want!

When you participate in life coaching here, you  have  a  safe  space in which to imagine the possibilities, and talk about your hopes and dreams. 

Through deep listening and thoughtful questioning, Turning Point Life Coaching helps you clarify your vision of the life you want. From our discussions about your hopes and dreams, we craft goals to help you create that life.


We help you develop a plan, take action and achieve your goals!

Together we develop an action plan to help you to move forward toward the goals you’ve identified, step-by-step. The accountability inherent in the life coaching process, along with the specific strategies that we develop together, helps you to stay on track toward your goals. Along the way, we address any obstacles that may be hampering your ability to accomplish your goals, such as self-limiting beliefs.

Turning Point Life Coaching also uses Positive Psychology principles and tools as part of the coaching process. Positive Psychology has a very strong foundation in research, and this has added greatly to our understanding of what helps and what hinders happiness and well-being. Some of those tools help us to identify and clarify the areas of your life you want to address, the strengths you already possess, and strategies for using your strengths in pursuit of your goals and dreams. 


At Turning Point Life Coaching you have a partner who believes in you, who places great importance on recognizing and encouraging your strengths, on honoring your values, creativity and resourcefulness, and on celebrating the progress you make – every step of the way!       

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In addition to general life goals, we have special areas of focus at Turning Point Life Coaching including:

  • CREATIVITY COACHING – whether you have a creativity-related career, or you just enjoy being creative in your “free time,” discover ways to unleash and unblock your creativity.